4 things you should know about lip fillers

More and more people are undergoing lip augmentation every day. You can see the celebrities doing it and even your next door neighbor. There are many misconceptions about lip augmentation procedure. If you are thinking of doing it too then you should know the following things about lip fillers.

It’s nothing permanent

The fuller effect of your lips will last for up to 6 months depending on the fillers used. The fillers are eventually absorbed and so you get back to your old lip shape.

It is important to choose the right filler

Fillers made of hyaluronic acid are the best. This ingredient is natural and is found in the human body. You can choose from Juvederm Ultra, Restylane Silk, Belotero, etc. You should choose the type of filler according to your goal. For example, if you want to really increase the volume of your lips then use Juvederm Ultra; for subtle plumping, you should use Restylane Silk. If you don’t choose the right filler, you might not get your desired result.

You need to prepare your lips for the surgery

There are some preparations needed before the surgery. You should not take any fish oil, vitamin E, alcohol, aspirin or ibuprofen about a week before the surgery. These things make the blood thin.

The procedure is expensive

Lip augmentation procedure is expensive. The prices may vary depending on the clinic, the certification, and experience of your surgeon. The price also depends on the type of filler you choose. For example, Juvederm Volbella is more expensive than Belotero or Restylane Silk. The overall procedure might cost $500 to more than $1,000.

It is advisable not to go for any drastic change in your lip shape that may make you look awkward. You should sit with your surgeon and discuss what kind of filler you should use and how much fullness you want in your lips to avoid any disastrous results.