What It’s Like to Get Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement, lip fillers, lip injections – these three are similar with each other, and when you are curious about enhancing your lips, you will go directly to the best dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon that will do it for you. You’d probably think that those who get lip enhancements are the ones that are insecure of their lips. But you’d be surprised that the ones availing this kind of service are the ones that simply desire it. There’s no other reason at all.

Majority of those that want lip injections are women, and many of their stories leading to their appointment for lip enhancement are those that receive criticisms that are wondering why they would want to have their lips enhanced. However, this doesn’t mean that they did not receive support. But what you need to know about here is what you’d expect when you get lip injections.
lip fillers

Approach the right dermatologist.

And the right one means that you have to go to a place reputable for their safe yet beautiful lip injection process. There aren’t a lot of failed cases with lip injections, but if you want to feel that you are in good hands, it is best that you go to a licensed practitioner.
When you do go to a reputable place for your lip injections, they usually use the hyaluronic acid. It will be injected into your lips until it will give that lips of yours the “fullness” that you desire.

Is it safe?


Many have been asking whether the use of the hyaluronic acid is safe. It may sound and feel like you are letting a foreign object into your body, which is the natural objection of many because of how they are very conscious of anything unnatural. However, the hyaluronic acid is already produced in the body. Just imagine a ton of face creams in it. So you’ll completely safe when this is the ingredient used in injecting to your lips. When conducted by a skillful doctor, all the more that it will become very effective.
Another thing that you need to learn about the hyaluronic acid is that when you don’t like the result with the lip injection, the doctor has an enzyme injection that will instantly deflate the lip filler. This is what most women are after knowing that they have a safety net to go to when the results don’t fit their preferences.

Lip injections can be painful

One thing that the doctor will tell you before they perform the injection is that the lips must be proportionate – not one is more than the other. They will also ask you if you prefer to see a numbing cream for at least 10 minutes or just proceed with the procedure. It is no joke how painful the procedure can be, seeing that they’ve prepared something that will not make you feel any pain. However, some patients were daring enough not to use. The choice is entirely up to you.